Checklist to select the right law firm


Legal services are required at some point of time, by everyone. However choosing the right attorney is not always easy. Directory listings list a number of firms but which one really works for you depends on the type of legal service you are looking for.

In most cases the best option is to shortlist an established firm. Steinepreis commercial lawyers offer clients specialised and comprehensive advice on a range of corporate, energy and resources and commercial matters. The first criterion is to seek to understand clientsobjectives and deliver  service in an innovative, professional and constructive manner. Belief in service, quality and value for money are paramount. The staff is highly qualified and focused on understanding the needs of clients and working with them to achieve their corporate and commercial objectives. 

Here are a few pointers that can help in selecting the right firm for your specific legal needs:


How reputed is the firm. Reputation would concern itself with the right values. How has the firm built it’s name? Is it known for honest and strong drafting skills? Check their standing amongst both peers and clients. Where are the firm’s management coming from. The places and position that they are professionally associated with will give you an idea of what the firm is about and what is stands for. 

Check their profiles on Google or LinkedIn. It is good to know more about who you will be dealing with. For larger firm partnerships that they have with regional and international law firms gives an indication of where the firm is going.


Do your homework and check the last few cases handled. What were the results? Is the firm result oriented. Look for a Case Study or Practice Area summaries to see examples of the firms work. What are acceptable results? Has the firm achieved the same for their clients.

Legal Standing

Understanding your legal position is very important. To understand where a client stands from a legal viewpoint is far more important than the size of the law firm. If the position is not very strong then all effort is money down the drain. For this do a little ground work and check that the attorney handling your case knows and understands the boundaries of privilege available as well as the legal protection available for witnesses. 


Selecting a Financial Services Law firm


Financial matters are not everyone’s cup of tea. When it comes to financial services the requirements of a commercial enterprise can 

range from property syndicates, managed investment schemes, listed investment companies, stockbrokers, financial planners and 

professional services firms providing expert reports. For commercial objectives to be fulfilled a tie up with a legal firm that understands 

the intricacies of legislation is very important. Understanding of both law and financial planning becomes important to achieve this 

objective. A law firm that has experts in both these areas will be better suited to take on legal issues related to financial growth. If you are looking at expansion and need legal advice then make sure you find a firm that has knowledge on legislation. Look for a list of 

clients that have benefitted from financial services offered by the firm. 

Steinpag commercial lawyers  key areas of expertise in financial services include AFS licensing, including AFSL authorisation advice, AFSL applications, AFSL variations and responsible manager selection. Other areas that they provide service include:

  • Establishment and operation of property syndicates

  • Structured as either managed investment schemes or companies.

  • Establishment and operation of investment funds and investment companies (including LICs).

  • Advice anti money laundering (AML/CTF), credit licence applications and compliance related matters. 

Most business ventures seek a tie up with an established team that can provide them with the right investment options that facilitate 

growth for the business. A firm that can provide financial services , particularly in the areas of consumer credit, banking, debt recovery and insurance becomes the right financial partner for the growing business.  

Keep in mind that a firm offering financial advice has to comply with certain laws. These laws are called the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA).  It became compulsory for financial planners to conform to these laws on 1 July 2013. Read more on these at: financial advice.

Keep in mind that a larger law firm will be able to handle most business needs of a firm. This would include legal work, businesstransactions like mergers and acquisitions that include numerous takeovers, schemes of arrangement etc. Depending on the need of a business in some cases it is better to opt for a larger firm to handle growth and take the business in the right direction.

Cloud based ERP Solutions

As a business grows, the needs of the business grow with it. For most businesses the biggest investments are investments in Human resources, inventory and fixed assets. Managing these resources over a period of time, becomes a daunting task. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is all about managing these resources. UXC microsoft dynamics ax  is a global ERP & CRM software implementation partner delivering a choice of intelligent business solutions. Intelligent solutions are built on Microsoft technologies to deliver integrated enterprise on premise or in the cloud.

When ERP Solutions are cloud based scalability  becomes easier as the enterprise does not have to manage hardware and software nor has to upgrade to either. Clients also get the option to build an internal cloud to reduce ongoing hardware costs while maintaining greater control over integration and require local access to their data server. For an internal cloud service the corporation can own a central server with as many servers as a cloud data centre. This internal deployment constitutes an internal cloud.

The users can access information from any device on a cloud based system. This reduces expenses for an enterprise as the need for VPN and other remote access software is done away with. In a VPN or a virtual private network the software is installed on a workstation. This software can be accessed from a remote location such as a remote desktop through the workstation link. The installation of the software is done manually on the hosted server and require a complete network installation.

In other words moving your business IT to the cloud means you spend more time using your IT and less time managing it. The firm that helps you transition to the cloud should make the transition simple and low risk. The transition should include the following:

1 – Plan the transition

2 – Configure the hosting

3 – Migrate and deploy to the Cloud

4 – Managed services to operation your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

An ERP solutions company like UXC Eclipse has the knowledge and resources to deliver Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV in the Cloud with the tools, resources and 24 x 7 support you need to realise the real productivity benefits the Cloud offers.

Five ways to look cool on a shoestring budget

Just started out and do not have any clothes that make a statement? Looking good is every woman’s prerogative, so why deny it for yourself. A few things on a low budget are possible for everyone unless you are completely overwhelmed with debt. In that case ask a debt consolidation expert like to help you manage your finances well.

Putting together a mix and match wardrobe, leaves room for creativity with your looks. The little black skirt can has immense potential to work in different ways. So go ahead and shop for a few items to add that oomph and style to your looks.

Focus on separates and minimise the number of dresses you have. There is not much you can do to change the look of a dress but you can have plenty of fun with separates. Separates also make it easy to work on different styles. Just make sure that you vary the color. For example don’t buy a tee and a shirt in the same color. Co-ordination is much simpler with different colors.

A mid length back skirt and a little black dress are a must. Both are versatile for carrying out various styles. The black dress can be worn by itself for the original look, it can be topped with a top or a jacket depending on the time – morning or evening.

Accessorize – a chunky belt over a dress brings out a casual look. A scarf instead of the belt gives a different look. Add leggings and you have a number of versatile options. High heels in back are a must as they can just about be combined with any style.

A long sleeve shirt can be buttoned up, knotted or just worn over a singlet. For a more formal look it can be tucked in and worn with a pretty belt.

A pair of jeans that fit well. Jeans can be worn just about anywhere. Teamed with a shirt or a shirt that move to casual whereas teamed with a tank top and the right accessories you can party out in jeans.

Tailored trousers should be next on your clothes list. Opt for one in a base color.